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Aiming at the green energy industry, Hank Wang, General Manager of SEGL Energy: We are the arms equipment supplier in the green energy industry!4
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SEGL Energy and Industrial Research Institute develop energy storage security solutions.Written by Jingjun Liu 2024.1.11Energy storage system PKI information security system architecture diagram. SEGL Energy/Supply. With the needs of energy dispatching applications, energy storage systems have been widely used in various fields such as power generation, transmission and distribution, and load ends. All energy storage systems need to connect various devices through the network for data collection, operation analysis, and system control to achieve the performance mission of energy storage system settings to achieve power stability, uninterrupted power supply, peak shaving and valley filling, and demand dispatch.The energy management system (EMS) currently used to manage and control energy storage systems can be divided into: according to the scale of the energy storage system: Systems below 1MW: Their information security management and control only uses the simple method of "account and password" to manage and control connected objects, and their protection capabilities are limited. It is extremely easy to hack into the energy management system due to account and password theft or improper management, and then improperly control or destroy the equipment of the energy storage system. Systems above 1MW: In addition to "account and password" control, although there are firewalls, most of them only use the traditional "black and white list" method to filter and protect connecters, and cannot have higher-level information security protection measures. When energy storage systems are used in organizations that require higher security considerations, such as military and infrastructure, there will be concerns about the information security capabilities of the energy storage system.In order to provide better information security solutions for energy storage systems, SEGL Energy cooperates with the Industrial Research Institute to develop software and hardware information security systems to provide energy storage systems with an information security control architecture that is easy to install and integrate. In terms of hardware, Only a set of "information security gateways" is needed to isolate the equipment side of the energy storage system into a secure internal network, and then use PKI (public key infrastructure) automatic certification software to authenticate the information security gateways and legal authorization The connected host performs regular key updates to ensure the intrusion of non-legally authorized objects, thus achieving the goal of ensuring information security of the energy storage system.This system is very convenient for upgrading individual information security protection of existing systems or specific energy storage equipment. It allows energy storage systems to improve information security without any technical and maintenance barriers.URL :https://money.udn.com/money/story/11799/7699631 https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html SEGL Energy and Industrial Research Institute develop energy storage security solutions. 2024-05-08 2025-05-08
SEGL ENERGY CO., LTD. No.55, Wuxun St., Anle Dist., Keelung City 204, Taiwan https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html
SEGL ENERGY CO., LTD. No.55, Wuxun St., Anle Dist., Keelung City 204, Taiwan https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html
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Aiming at the green energy industry, Hank Wang, General Manager of SEGL Energy: We are the arms equipment supplier in the green energy industry!

Written by Alin Liao 2021.11.17


With the rise of environmental awareness, global renewable energy devices and green energy technology have become a new generation of topics. Aiming at the huge future market, SEGL Energy General Manager Hank Wang began to enter the market in 2014. He has a background as an IC semiconductor distributor. I had the experience of distributing South Korea's Samsung lithium batteries to Taiwan, so I became inseparable with "lithium batteries". By chance, I obtained the patent, and then officially launched SEGL into the market.

Be a good assistant to customers and become a professional market equipment supplier.


At the beginning of the business, we took the idea of ​​green energy as our purpose and hoped to focus on the four major aspects: Smart, Energy, Green, and Life. The first letter of each word is capitalized "SEGL Energy", which is pronounced similar to American high-tech. Businesses gather in "Silicon Valley", which is simple and easy to remember, so the naming started Hank Wang's "Silicon Valley" business.

For all current products related to green energy technology, whether it is solar energy, electric-assisted bicycle battery packs, camper vans, yacht lithium battery packs, car starting lithium batteries, etc., SEGL Energy has now developed standardized products, and even It can further provide customers with customized research and development capabilities. Hank Wang said: "We position SEGL as an arms dealer and fulfill its role as an arms dealer and equipment provider. For the products that customers need, we assist them in planning production and become an important partner for customers."

These include electric bicycles, motorcycles and other related industries whose market share has been increasing in recent years. These energy storage batteries will be manufactured by SEGL Energy and sold to major electric vehicle manufacturers in Taiwan for assembly and export to European and American countries. , jointly enter the export market.

Once you embark on the road of entrepreneurship, you have to walk it on your knees.


Regarding starting a business, it is always difficult to have smooth sailing from the beginning. Looking back on the past, Hank Wang said bluntly: "I did spend a lot of money when I first entered the market."

When I first entered the industry, I always held high ambitions. From the beginning, I directly invested in the creation of "private brands", focusing on automotive lithium battery technology. On the surface, it looked very prosperous, sponsoring major automotive magazines and competitions. , appearing in major exhibitions, whether it is the biennial Frankfurt Auto Parts Show (AUTOMECHANIKA), the world's largest solar energy show, the Tokyo Battery Show in Japan, or the World Trade Center Auto Parts Show in Taiwan, there are three booths at a time, zero zero The total includes personnel management, mold costs, and equipment costs. In just over one year, more than 10 million was burned, but the investment and recovery were not proportional. This year's revenue was only more than 100. Ten thousand.


Hank Wang smiled bitterly: "I couldn't sleep every night at that time!" I think that when I invested all my wealth to start a business, it was to strive for a better future, and I also gave up a job that everyone envied. At that time, Hank Wang's mother even scolded him. : "If you let a senior associate of a listed company quit for 20 years and then start your own business, it's just scratching your butt!"

In addition, since he was starting a business at the time, he didn’t know how to seek government subsidies. He just thought that instead of spending time listening to lectures and writing plans, it would be better to use his time on running business and taking orders. Looking back on the initial thoughts of starting a business: "Many of us want to have an "angel fund" and a hero to help. However, in this process, in the early stage of starting a business, you will be weighed by others, and then you have to write it down. Project, prepare a lot of things. But frankly speaking, what entrepreneurs need most is immediate performance and revenue, and they simply don’t have the mind and energy to do so much. Therefore, he did not shy away from saying, "I invested all my savings out of enthusiasm. I would cry when I went to bed for the first two years." You can imagine the pressure at that time.

After experiencing the bottom of the valley, he stopped the bleeding and suffered a gorgeous transformation.


The revenue performance in the first year also made Hank Wang realize that because the products manufactured are "industrial supplies" with high unit prices, rather than necessities for people's livelihood, and Taiwan's domestic demand market is limited, if he really wants to "build a brand" "There are still many conditions that must be overcome in this matter. In this case, it is better to switch to ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). Anyway, with the technology, we have a niche to establish ourselves and provide R&D services according to customers' customized needs. This transformation , the entire company's operational growth has tended to be steady, from 1.05 million in the first year to 11 million in revenue in the second year after the transformation. It has continued to break through and grow every year. Last year, the revenue reached 90 million. This year It can be seen that the revenue is 170 million.

Currently, SEGL Energy not only has a presence in Taiwan, but also has an international focus. In 2018, it established an office in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and in 2019, it also established a service base focusing on maintenance in the United States. Regarding the future layout, Hank Wang said: "The company will move towards a separation of production and sales model in the future, separating branding and manufacturing. The factory area will focus on R&D and manufacturing, while the other side will do a good job in brand marketing, so that the independent operations of both parties can be optimized." . In addition, in the future, we will independently develop a "rental equipment service" model to provide businesses that are currently "testing the water" and do not have much capital to invest in buying out the energy storage equipment market, using the leasing operating model to ease their entry into the market. threshold.

It is expected to be listed on the OTC market in the future and become one of the top three in Taiwan's green energy industry.


At this stage, in addition to preparing operational resources, the company has also begun to contact relevant subsidy programs from government units, and was also selected for the SBIR program of the Keelung City Government in 2020. Hank Wang said: “In the past, we may have only done product technology research and development, but after starting to do SBIR, the company has the concept of project management. After these research and development processes and costs are written down, it will help the company’s future experience inheritance or continuity. The development is quite helpful.” Some related certification fees that need to enter the EU market can also receive practical subsidies. In the past, each certification required at least hundreds of thousands, which accumulated to a considerable cost. , and these planned subsidies can reduce operating costs in a timely manner.

Since the green energy industry itself is an economy of scale and needs the support of the capital market, it is expected to be listed on the OTC market within three years, and to be able to break into the forefront of the green energy industry and be in line with the predecessors who set the benchmark for the green energy industry. The ultimate goal is Move towards becoming one of the top three green energy industries in Taiwan, and then look at the international market.

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