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SEGL Energy integration solution helps companies use electricity without carbon emissions.4
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SEGL Energy and Industrial Research Institute develop energy storage security solutions.Written by Jingjun Liu 2024.1.11Energy storage system PKI information security system architecture diagram. SEGL Energy/Supply. With the needs of energy dispatching applications, energy storage systems have been widely used in various fields such as power generation, transmission and distribution, and load ends. All energy storage systems need to connect various devices through the network for data collection, operation analysis, and system control to achieve the performance mission of energy storage system settings to achieve power stability, uninterrupted power supply, peak shaving and valley filling, and demand dispatch.The energy management system (EMS) currently used to manage and control energy storage systems can be divided into: according to the scale of the energy storage system: Systems below 1MW: Their information security management and control only uses the simple method of "account and password" to manage and control connected objects, and their protection capabilities are limited. It is extremely easy to hack into the energy management system due to account and password theft or improper management, and then improperly control or destroy the equipment of the energy storage system. Systems above 1MW: In addition to "account and password" control, although there are firewalls, most of them only use the traditional "black and white list" method to filter and protect connecters, and cannot have higher-level information security protection measures. When energy storage systems are used in organizations that require higher security considerations, such as military and infrastructure, there will be concerns about the information security capabilities of the energy storage system.In order to provide better information security solutions for energy storage systems, SEGL Energy cooperates with the Industrial Research Institute to develop software and hardware information security systems to provide energy storage systems with an information security control architecture that is easy to install and integrate. In terms of hardware, Only a set of "information security gateways" is needed to isolate the equipment side of the energy storage system into a secure internal network, and then use PKI (public key infrastructure) automatic certification software to authenticate the information security gateways and legal authorization The connected host performs regular key updates to ensure the intrusion of non-legally authorized objects, thus achieving the goal of ensuring information security of the energy storage system.This system is very convenient for upgrading individual information security protection of existing systems or specific energy storage equipment. It allows energy storage systems to improve information security without any technical and maintenance barriers.URL :https://money.udn.com/money/story/11799/7699631 https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html SEGL Energy and Industrial Research Institute develop energy storage security solutions. 2024-05-08 2025-05-08
SEGL ENERGY CO., LTD. No.55, Wuxun St., Anle Dist., Keelung City 204, Taiwan https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html
SEGL ENERGY CO., LTD. No.55, Wuxun St., Anle Dist., Keelung City 204, Taiwan https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html
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SEGL Energy integration solution helps companies use electricity without carbon emissions.

Written by Jingjun Liu 2023.06.20

Architecture diagram of the uninterruptible power storage system launched by SEGL Energy.SEGL Energy/Supply.

Are you still worrying about issues such as ESG, net-zero carbon emissions, business interruption, peak shaving and valley filling, and demand scheduling? SEGL Energy provides complete integrated solutions for net-zero carbon emissions, uninterrupted power supply, uninterrupted business, peak shaving and valley filling, and demand dispatching for manufacturers in the high-tech industry who require precision manufacturing and stable power.

When the power quality (voltage and frequency) is insufficient, at least it will cause the machine to shut down, affecting production capacity and causing the loss of scrapped defective products. In serious cases, it may cause damage to the machine.

To maintain stable production capacity and quality, SEGL Energy's light + energy storage uninterruptible power supply system provides the best solution. SEGL Energy built a solar 280KW + 300KW/564KWh uninterruptible power storage system for Minjun Precision Company, which produces aerospace precision components, and can provide the following benefits:

1. Net-zero carbon emissions, carbon neutrality: With 280KW solar power generation, 1MW of carbon emissions and electricity bills can be reduced every day. In addition, there are additional benefits from green power certificates.

2. Provide high-quality and stable power: It can filter the voltage and frequency conditions of the mains power. When there is a voltage drop or the frequency is too low, the power supply can be immediately switched to the battery of the energy storage system to avoid machine shutdown or damage. Condition.

3. Provide the benefit of saving electricity bills: The energy storage system can be charged during off-peak and low electricity prices, and the stored power output can be controlled during peak hours. This can avoid over-contract fines and reduce electricity bills during high-price periods.

4. Provide uninterruptible power demand: When the mains power cannot be supplied for some reason, the energy storage system can be immediately transferred to the energy storage system to supply the machine's power demand for more than 2 hours, avoiding losses caused by power outages that affect production capacity.

In addition, equipped with an energy management system (EMS), it can automatically control and optimize the operation under the required operating standards, and can transfer the operation data and benefits to the designated managers' mobile phones and displays, providing transparent Energy information. Under Taiwan's policy of promoting large electricity consumers, now is a great opportunity for companies to comply with regulations and improve their energy management efficiency.

URL :https://money.udn.com/money/story/5722/7246370

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