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SEGL Energy takes on the burden of energy storage systems.4
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SEGL Energy and Industrial Research Institute develop energy storage security solutions.Written by Jingjun Liu 2024.1.11Energy storage system PKI information security system architecture diagram. SEGL Energy/Supply. With the needs of energy dispatching applications, energy storage systems have been widely used in various fields such as power generation, transmission and distribution, and load ends. All energy storage systems need to connect various devices through the network for data collection, operation analysis, and system control to achieve the performance mission of energy storage system settings to achieve power stability, uninterrupted power supply, peak shaving and valley filling, and demand dispatch.The energy management system (EMS) currently used to manage and control energy storage systems can be divided into: according to the scale of the energy storage system: Systems below 1MW: Their information security management and control only uses the simple method of "account and password" to manage and control connected objects, and their protection capabilities are limited. It is extremely easy to hack into the energy management system due to account and password theft or improper management, and then improperly control or destroy the equipment of the energy storage system. Systems above 1MW: In addition to "account and password" control, although there are firewalls, most of them only use the traditional "black and white list" method to filter and protect connecters, and cannot have higher-level information security protection measures. When energy storage systems are used in organizations that require higher security considerations, such as military and infrastructure, there will be concerns about the information security capabilities of the energy storage system.In order to provide better information security solutions for energy storage systems, SEGL Energy cooperates with the Industrial Research Institute to develop software and hardware information security systems to provide energy storage systems with an information security control architecture that is easy to install and integrate. In terms of hardware, Only a set of "information security gateways" is needed to isolate the equipment side of the energy storage system into a secure internal network, and then use PKI (public key infrastructure) automatic certification software to authenticate the information security gateways and legal authorization The connected host performs regular key updates to ensure the intrusion of non-legally authorized objects, thus achieving the goal of ensuring information security of the energy storage system.This system is very convenient for upgrading individual information security protection of existing systems or specific energy storage equipment. It allows energy storage systems to improve information security without any technical and maintenance barriers.URL :https://money.udn.com/money/story/11799/7699631 https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html SEGL Energy and Industrial Research Institute develop energy storage security solutions. 2024-06-19 2025-06-19
SEGL ENERGY CO., LTD. No.55, Wuxun St., Anle Dist., Keelung City 204, Taiwan https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html
SEGL ENERGY CO., LTD. No.55, Wuxun St., Anle Dist., Keelung City 204, Taiwan https://www.seglenergy.com.tw/en/hot_483703.html
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SEGL Energy takes on the burden of energy storage systems.

Written by Jingjun Liu 2023.10.18

The first optical storage and charging demonstration station in Kinmen. Electric motorcycles can charge 2 kWh in 10 minutes, and the power of electric vehicles can reach 17.6 kWh/hour. SEGL Energy/Supply.

Yudian Yudian, WeMo Technology and Crown City Car Rental formed a strategic alliance and completed the construction of Kinmen’s first optical storage and charging demonstration station in September this year. Among them, the energy storage system was developed by SEGL Energy, and they jointly built Kinmen Low-carbon living circle and promote intelligent green transportation network.

This demonstration station is located at the Crown City headquarters in downtown Kinmen. It uses solar power, stores and manages the power through an energy storage system, and is connected to fast charging piles to provide charging for electric vehicles and motorcycles. It is expected to generate 10,000 kWh of electricity throughout the year and supply at least 4,000 electric motors. By charging the car, the total driving range can reach 480,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to traveling around Kinmen more than 4,800 times. Through sightseeing and daily life, clean green electricity can enter the streets and alleys of Kinmen.

One of the highlights of this demonstration station: WeMo Scooter provides lithium iron batteries used in shared electric scooters. During the charging cycle, the performance and power gradually decline and become "obsolete batteries". The strategic alliance hired battery expert SEGL Energy to select those that can still be used. The battery was retired, given a new mission for energy storage, and went to Kinmen to "serve again."

Hank Wang, general manager of SEGL Energy, who accepted the challenge of phasing out batteries, said: "Our challenge is that battery manufacturers set different specifications and parameters, and do not disclose battery technical details; the team must try to read and monitor each item with limited information. The voltage, current and temperature of a battery, from selecting to connecting batteries in series, customizing battery cabinets and cabinets, redesigning the energy management system, etc., every step is completed based on past experience and innovative thinking. Can participate in Guancheng, WeMo Scooter The construction of the demonstration station of the Heyu Electric Power Strategic Alliance and the deployment of SEGL's energy storage system to the outlying island of Kinmen are the things we are most proud of."

SEGL Energy (Smart Energy Green Life) was founded in September 2013. With the goals of wisdom, energy, green, and life, it actively invests in green riding vehicles and various energy storage applications (grid-level, industrial, commercial, and residential). , and combined with the relevant needs of electric vehicle charging piles, develop, design and apply it to the green energy industry, continue to develop green energy, energy storage applications and combine with the Internet IoT to contribute to the environmental protection of the earth.

URL :https://money.udn.com/money/story/123791/7511860

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