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Taiwanese exhibitors achieved fruitful results, Japan Battery Exhibition received hundreds of millions of orders. 4
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Taiwanese exhibitors achieved fruitful results, Japan Battery Exhibition received hundreds of millions of orders.

Written by Bingfeng Zhang 2023.03.23


The Taiwan Battery Association exhibition group successfully expanded business opportunities in the international battery application market at the 2023 Japan International Secondary Battery Exhibition. Picture/Provided by Taiwan Battery Association

The three-day "Japan International Secondary Battery Exhibition 2023" concluded successfully on the 17th. This was the first physical exhibition of the Japan International Secondary Battery Exhibition after the epidemic. A total of 200 related international companies participated in the exhibition, attracting nearly 10,000 international visitors. Visiting; Taiwan's exhibition group led by Yang Mincong, chairman of the Taiwan Battery Association, consists of seven lithium battery manufacturers. During the three-day exhibition, it attracted many international customers to visit and discuss cooperation. It is estimated that the order received is nearly 100 million yuan.

Chairman Yang Mincong pointed out that many visitors to the Japan Battery Exhibition this year are looking for batteries with good performance, high durability and safety. They are not just looking at the price. This gives Taiwan's lithium battery manufacturers a lot of room for their products to develop.

This year, Sunrise Battery will display 40 and 46 series cylindrical battery cells, as well as systems developed using these two series of cylindrical battery cells. Visitors are very interested in the fast charging and discharging performance of Sunshine batteries. Among them, the electric welding machine developed by Japanese customer Yura won the Invention Award from the Japan Invention Association on 3/8 this year. Kairen smart UPS and Might Mobile LED lighting equipment has received a lot of inquiries and attention. Visitors are very interested in the fast charging and discharging performance of Sunrise batteries. There is also a sodium battery start-up company and three new anode material companies negotiating to become OEM partners, which will greatly help Sunrise's battery technology and production capacity utilization, and it can be said that the results have been fruitful.

Youliang Technology (5233), founded more than 23 years ago, has its R&D center in Taiwan and has two production bases in Taiwan and Thailand. It is a leader in the field of fast-charging and long-life electric vehicles. It won the ASEAN National Bus Award at this exhibition. The cooperation opportunities between operators and Japanese customers are a positive affirmation of the active expansion of production capacity of Youliang's Taiwan and Thailand factories. It is expected to bring huge business opportunities to Youliang Technology. With the implementation of Youliang Technology's substantial factory expansion plan , will allow Taiwan's lithium battery core factory to occupy a place in the world's specialty electric vehicle market.

Ges Technology (6940), a rising star in the lithium battery cell factory, has launched lithium titanate (LTO) battery cells and battery packs and high nickel ternary (NCM) battery cells and modules with long life, fast charging and discharging, and high safety. It is currently the only one in China that can produce electric vehicles. It uses soft-packed batteries of different systems to form universal VDA-355 standard specification modules, which can be used in electric buses, automated guided vehicles (AGV), automatic frequency regulation energy storage systems (AFC), high-voltage Safety UPS, track braking energy recovery battery system and other related products. At this exhibition, Gus has received orders from Japan and other countries, which is expected to drive hundreds of millions of business opportunities. It will be of great help to reduce the production capacity of Gus's 1GWh new factory, and will help Taiwan's lithium battery core factory to lead the world in fast charging. Dominate the application market.

Chroma Electronics (2360) showcased a variety of application market solutions including battery test systems, charging piles, vehicle-related automatic test systems, etc. Among them, the "17010 Battery Reliability Test System" has high measurement accuracy, high stability system architecture and multiple The functional operation software platform provides car manufacturers with a professional testing system for battery cell selection, battery modeling, aging mechanism identification and BMS algorithm development. "17040E" is a battery testing system with an energy recovery efficiency of over 90%, which can effectively help customers save electricity bills and carbon emissions, and achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction goals. Chroma will continue to develop solutions that combine green energy, transportation and technology equipment applications.

SEGL Energy's industrial energy storage and container energy storage systems have gradually entered the international market; last year, SEGL Energy's 20-foot container energy storage system shipped 5 sets of containers to Hokkaido, Japan. The product has been verified and approved by customers, and subsequent new orders were received at this exhibition. We also agreed with our customers to enter the Dubai and Philippine markets together. During the exhibition, the application of Silicon Valley lithium battery modules in agricultural vehicles and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) received a high degree of inquiry, and specifications will be discussed with customers in the future.

Chairman Yang Mincong said that the members' participation in the exhibition has achieved remarkable results and is expected to drive billions of foreign order business opportunities in the future. It is expected that the Japan Secondary Battery Exhibition next year will attract more international battery application customers to look for cooperation opportunities. The association will serve more Taiwanese batteries Industrial manufacturers have pre-booked more booths for next year's exhibition with the conference. They hope that manufacturers will contact the association to reserve booths as soon as possible to avoid missing out on good booths and affecting the expansion of international business opportunities.

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