Containerized ESS3
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Containerized ESS


➊ DC voltage:1,270Vdc (Rated)
➋ Battery cabinet capacity:200KWh
➌ 40Feet container maximum capacity:4MWh
➍ Airtight design.
➎ Built-in smoke detection and fire extinguishing system, sprinkler system.
❻ Certification:UN38.8、IEC62619

◎ High-voltage design improves the conversion efficiency of large-scale energy storage systems and reduces construction costs.
◎ The battery cabinet is used as a component unit, which can be flexibly combined according to energy storage capacity needs, and can be assembled indoors, in containers, etc., according to environmental conditions.
◎ It can be used in power auxiliary services and load-side power regulation to provide safe and stable power quality.


The composition of the battery cabinet.
Item Composition
Battery ➤ Using 21700 lithium ternary battery cell.
➤ PCM heat dissipation material improves operating temperature and stabilizes performance.


➤ The high-voltage control box integrates communication, control and battery system protection.
➤ Air-tight cabinet made of heat-resistant materials.
Safety ➤ Built-in smoke detection and fire extinguishing systems and sprinkler systems improve safety.

System specifications
Max. capacity 3.46 1.6
Number of battery cabinets 18 8
DC voltage range 1,050 - 1,435V 1,050 - 1,435V
Gross weight (Kg) Approximately 42,000 Approximately 25,000
Dimensions (LxWxH)cm 1219 x 244 x 290 606 x 244 x 290