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Telecom Station Li-ion Battery


◎ The full range of batteries is suitable for 19” rack 2U/3U height. It adopts front panel operation design and connect all the battery pack’s wiring/dry contact terminals, communication ports, display lights, address setting switches, etc.
   Operations and instructions are set on the front panel to facilitate installation and maintenance needs.

◎ The battery uses high-capacity lithium series cells and can operate in the working environment temperature of -10℃ ~ +45℃.

◎ Equipped with battery positive and negative terminals, RS485 communication port (can connect 16 sets of batteries in series), indicator light (power, abnormality), address setting switch (4Bit 16 sets).
   There are also batteries with dry contacts (overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature abnormality alarms), current limiting, and thermal phase change cell temperature equalization to choose from.

◎ Self-developed BMS connection control software.

Model CF4850T CF48100T
Rated capacity 2.4KW(0.2C Discharge) 5KW(0.2C Discharge)
50Ah 100Ah
Rated voltage(V) 48V
Cell type LFP Square aluminum shell
Series and parallel composition 15S1P 16S1P
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm 440*390*88 mm 440*420*131 mm
Weight (Kg) 24Kg 52Kg
Charge Std. current(A) 25A 50A
Max. current(A) < 50A < 60A
Full charging voltage(V) 54V 57.6V
Discharge Std. current(A) 25A 50A
Max. current(A) < 50A < 100A
Cutoff voltage(V) 42V 45V
Comm. Interface RS485 (Modbus)
Battery position 4 Pin (0000-1111)
Display Capacity 4 段 (25%/50%/75%/100%)
Power Power button (Light for 3 seconds)
Abnormal Alarm (Red when abnormal)
Operating temp. Charge 0 ~ 55℃
Discharge -20 ~ 60℃
 Storage temp. Within 12 months -20 ~ 25℃
Within 6 months -20 ~ 35℃
Within 1 month -20 ~ 45℃